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Do you see my twinkle eyes?


Do you see my sprinkle cries?


Do you see any part of me

other than what you want to see?


You covet my body


Forcing it in your arms


Don't care it feels like ice shards


Rather break me into pieces


Rearrange me with psychokinesis


Take apart my eyes and arms


Rearrange them all the way to mars


Then trap me behind bars


Far, far, beyond the stars

-Max Lyon



Available for $15-18 sliding scale

*shipping included*


"Haikus for Hard Times:

A Pocketbook of Pick Me Ups"

by Krisha Algoso & Nicole Dela Cruz

About the artists:


Krisha Algoso is a queer Filipinx poet from Oxnard, California. Her poetry is her living heart work and the medium through which she interacts with the world. With love, she writes of love, identity, hardship, and hope, and draws inspiration from poets like Audre Lorde, Kim Davalos, Rudy Francisco, and Denice Frohman. Krisha has been a featured artist for poetry showcases and open mics. Haikus for Hard Times is Krisha’s first printed collection of poems.

Nicole Dela Cruz is a self-taught artist who resides and works in Oxnard, California. She works with various mediums including digital, watercolors, acrylics, and clay. A native of Batangas,
Philippines, her art is minimalistic and heavily inspired from muted earth tones that include

plenty of flora and fauna.
Nicole has been drawing and painting since she was young and loves to tell stories through her art.

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"Haikus for Hard Times started as a homemade zine made of construction paper, twine, and poems that I wrote to give to my closest friends at Christmastime. The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone, and I was inspired to create a collection of poems that cultivated healing, compassion, and connection for my loved ones."


"The zine was so overwhelmingly received with so much love and encouragement to be turned into something to share with the community. This body of work combines messages I tell myself when I’m in my own depths and beautiful art by my best friend, Nicole. With this zine, we extend ourselves to you – our loved ones, our supporters, and our community. We hope that you’ll be reminded of what you deserve, especially when times are hard."

"Nicole and I thank our partners, families, and friends for their love and for being the best at keeping our project a secret! We also express our deepest gratitude to Mo and Get Loud Movement for sponsoring this little pocketbook of pick-me-ups – our vision would’ve only been a vision without your support." - Krisha